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Circle Paving Features

Pavestone Circle Feature

Standard Sandstone Circles

Available in 4 colours and 3 sizes:


Shades  Raj Blend, Buff, Fossil and Modak




  Centre Ø
Ring 1 Ø
Ring 2 Ø
Ring 3 Ø

Kit (mm2)

Large (3) 600 1500 2400 3300 3600
Medium (2) 600 1500 2400 - 2700
Small (1) 600 1500 - - 1800
No. of pieces 1 8 16 16  

Circle Features can be used to create intriguing focal points

within a paved area and are often used to denote a seated

area for relaxation or entertaining.


Natural Stone Circle Colours

Small Circle consists of : Centre stone + Ring 1 (9 pieces)
Medium Circle consists of: Centre stone + Rings 1 & 2 (25 pieces)
Large Circle consists of : Centre stone + all 3 Rings (41 pieces).


Tudor Oxford Circle

A tumbled and aged circle available in one size: 2400mm2



Feature Circles

These intriguing sandstone features are hand crafted from Raj Blend stone and can be used to create stunning focal points within your patio area.


The Sun Circle and the Catherine Wheel can be supplied singularly as 2.4m2 diameter circles or with a squaring off kit to facilitate an area of 2.7m2.

The Mystic Feature is sold as a complete 2.7m2 squared patio pack.

Shade  Raj Blend

Sun Circle
Sun Circle

Catherine Wheel
Catherine Wheel

Mystic Circle Feature
Mystic Feature



Slate Circles

Shades Rusty & Midnight

Hand crafted by stonemasons, these eye catching art deco slate and traditional circle designs create a wonderful focal point, either as stand alone features or incorporated into a slate patio


Lutyens Circle Feature - 1800mm2

Rusty Slate Circle
Slate Circle Feature - 2700mm

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